Five Facts about Solar Energy

Imagine even one day without the sun in our lives, and the heat and light that it imparts with us. In fact, our body depends on this day-night cycle to even out carry basic functions such as sleeping, waking up and so on and so forth.

But we can use the light and heat for much more, as you’ll discover. So here are some facts about solar energy that will show you how important it is and will be as a source of energy:


Fact #1: Obtaining solar energy doesn’t just happen through solar panel but through hydro power, biomass and wind. Winds are created by the rise and fall in temperature while the sun creates rainfall by evaporation for hydropower.

Fact #2: Solar energy, for the amount that is tapped, is used for numerous purposes such as lighting, cooking, driving space craft, communications and even heating and cooling.

Fact #3: Fossil fuels are actually forms of stored solar energy. Yes, we’re talking about coal, gas and oil from plants that grew with the help of sunlight.

Fact #4: Fossil fuels cause global warming and pollution. Solar energy, on the other hand, is not only renewable but is considered ‘clean energy’.

Fact #5: No matter where you are on the planet, a stand-alone solar device should work just as well. As for other sources of energy, the need for grid infrastructure in order to supply power to these areas can turn out to be expensive.