Getting Solar Panels Installed for Free

If you wanted to know whether you could get solar panels installed for free, then the answer to that question is ‘yes’.

Of course, you’d think a hundred times before opting for such a scheme and carry out some research in the process, right?

Just to prevent the eventuality that this might turn out to be another Ponzi scheme.


But in the case of companies installing these solar panels for free, there is no such dubious intention involved, as the terms of the power-purchase agreement is simple: you allow companies like SunRun and SolarCity to install and maintain the panels on your roof for free, and they will collect government subsidies.

Yes, it’s a win-win situation for both, and which is why it looks to be a good deal, right from the outset. But in the case where you install your own panels, the ‘profit’ will all be yours to enjoy.

But what about reduction in costs when it comes to utility bills?

Being one good reason why you should consider getting solar power, the initial savings amount to at least 10 % of your utility bill – for the cost of zero.

But that’s not all – since the rate of increase on your utility bills tend to increase at a higher rate than the rate of increase by these companies, the savings amount to almost 50 % in a matter of a few years.

However, while you do have this option, there’s nothing better than installing your own solar panels, if you have the money, of course.

If you don’t, there’s always the option of having companies getting them installed and maintained for you.